Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Fun...

   Nothing says Fall like Riding the Ranger, Playing at the Cabin, Pumpkin Patch Picking, and Pumpkin Chunk'n!!!! Man, the Ballard Boys Love Fall!!!!

The Boys of Fall...

  The Boys decided to play Flag Football this fall instead of soccer! They have Loved Every Minute of it!!! They have learned so much and had so many of their friends on their team! We might have created Monsters....

Touchdowns and Blocks galore...maybe an accidental tackle or two!!! Both boys almost came away with their First Interceptions during their very last games...

   John Thomas did not love Every minute of the season but he is Ready for the Coach to Put Him in the Game!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Let the School Year... Begin!!!!

   Big Year in the Ballard Boys' House! We Not only have a Second Grader but Jeb is now a Big Kindergartener!!! The Boys were not so Pumped for Another New School but Excited for the Prospect that this was their Last New School!  Here's to a Good Year of Lots of 100% A's Boys!!!

Well... Momma did not last long in the ridiculousness of the drop off/pick up line before we made another big jump...The Bus!!!!  The Boys are Loving it!!!  

...And we missed it only once so far...bathroom emergency! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Ballard Boys Head to Practice

  The Ballard Boys got to attend a New Orleans' Saints Practice against the Patriots at the Greenbrier Training Center! They had a Blast but we could have used Daddy to tell us who all the players were...

Tom Brady, in red, in the background.... The only player that Mommy knew to point out!!

Wherever We Go...We Wrestle!

Once the practice music came on the boys were enjoying the excitment!

Peace Out! Clarksville, TN

   The Ballard Boys are Taking Over Pearisburg, VA! No Tears this move, the Ballard Boys are not going to miss Clarksville, TN!  Hope Pearisburg is ready for the Ballard Boy Take Over!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Summer Cabin Fever!!!

  Before the Big Move the Ballard Boys enjoyed a little vacation at the cabin! IT was perfect weather and everyone had a Blast!

  The Boys found a turtle on one of their hikes! We thought it needed water...but...turns out we tried to drown it! Thank goodness he dumped himself out of the bowl!

John Thomas Loving Cabin Life!

Playtime the Cabin Way...

Movie Night the Cabin Way!!!

Forest Clean Up Crew!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

John Thomas is 6 Months Old!!!

Guess Who hit the 100% for his Weight?!?! Yay, John Thomas!!!! 
John Thomas weighed in at a whopping 22lbs 15oz at his 6 month wellness check up! He also came in at 96% and 95% for his height and head size! He's getting to be such a Big Boy!!!  His Favorite is Daddy but he Loves to play on the floor with his two big brothers! He can make them roll and ball back and forth forever!!!

John Thomas was also ok'd to start solid foods! The doctor also ok'd the skipping of cereal and we went straight to bananas! Though...John Thomas wasn't amused... General was the most excited about the banana.  I'm pretty sure he ate most of it from the floor around Johnny's chair!